Roses Societies
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National societies for rose lovers around the world. Most of these national rose organizations are affiliated to the World Federation of Rose Societies.

The American Rose Society
P.O. Box 30,000
Shreveport, Louisiana 71130-0030
Tel: +1 (318) 938-5402

Organized in 1892, the American Rose Society is the largest special plant society in the United States. Their association counts more than 20,000 regular and affiliate members and over 350 affiliated local rose societies.

Royal National Rose Society:
The Gardens of the Rose
Chiswell Green, St. Albans
Hertfordshire AL2 3NR
United Kingdom

Founded in 1867, the Royal National Rose Society of the UK is the world's oldest and largest specialist plant society, with about 100,000 members. It maintains the world famous Gardens of the Rose at its St. Albans, UK home, including the RNRS International Trial Ground. The Society publishes a journal for members - The Rose - and handbooks on growing and selecting roses.

La Société Française des Roses:
Roseraie du Parc de la Tête d'Or
F-69459 Lyon Cédex 06
Tel: +33 (0) 474 94 04 36

The French counterpart with circa 18,000 members. Their magazine "Les Amis des Roses" counts more than 320 issues. 

Verein Deutscher Rosenfreunde:
Waldseestr. 14
D-76530 Baden-Baden
Tel: +49 7221/31302

Founded in 1883, the organization counts 6,000 members. One of their achievements was the creation of the Sangerhausen Rose garden.

Gesellschaft Schweizerischer Rosenfreunde:
Bahnhofstr. 11,
CH-8640 Rapperswil
Tel: +41 055/210 24 09

Founded in 1959, the Swiss Society of the Friends of the Rose publishes a monthly bulletin clled "Kleine Rosenblatt". A yearly publication "Rosa Helvetica" gives literary and scientific news about roses.

Société Royale Nationale "Les Amis de la Rose"
Koninklijke Nationale Maatschappij "De Vrienden van de Roos"

Jesuitenwegel 5
B-9090 Melle

Founded the Society in 1926, the Society was one of the founding members of the World Federation of Rose Societies. It supports rose trials and all other events concerning the Rose. Members receive their publication Rosa Belgica, with many articles and information concerning the Rose, twice a year.

The National Rose Society of Australia
881 Nowra Road
Fitzroy Falls, NSW 2587
Tel: +61 2 4887 7477

The National Rose Society of Australia is comprised of five State Rose Societies. It is the practice for each State of Australia to provide the President of The National Rose Society of Australia in succession on an annual basis.

Each State Society conducts an annual Spring Rose Show and an Autumn Rose Show.

The Canadian Rose Society
c/o Marie Farnady
504 - 334 Queen Mary Road
Kingston, Ontario
K7M 7E7
Tel: +1 613 531-4336

The Rose Society of Ontario was founded in 1913 in Toronto by a group of dedicated ladies. Men were admitted in 1918, and by 1954 membership had spread across the country, with members from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean and from the 49th parallel in the south to the Northwest Territories in the north. Their magazine, The Rosarian, and The Rose Annual are published once a year. The newsletter, The CommPoster, is published five times a year.
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