Grootendorst Supreme
a sport from 'F.J. Grootendorst'
(de Goey,1918)

Photographed by A. Carocci Buzi
in Lilly's Rose Garden
Classic Roses by Peter Beales


Classic Roses
by Peter Beales
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Unless otherwise specified photos on this page © Alessandro Carocci Buzi and
The Pink Grootendorst rose stem from © Kurt Stüber.
The Grootendorst roses are Rugosa roses with rather untypical flowers. They show clusters of small, double flowers with frilly petals and flower continuously throughout the summer.

There are four Grootendorst rugosa roses:

'F.J. Grootendorst', the parent plant with crimson-colored flowers;
'Grootendorst Supreme' (see photo left), which has deeper-red flowers;
'Pink Grootendorst' with soft pink flowers and
'White Grootendorst' (1962), which is scented, unlike the other Grootendorst roses.
Pink Grootendorst
(Grootendorst, Holland, 1923)
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