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The Rose Gardens

New South Wales
The Botanic Gardens, Sydney

Rumsey Nurseries, Sydney

Swanes Nurseries, Sydney

South Australia
The Botanic Gardens, Adelaide

The ruston Rose Gardens, Renmark

Carrick Hill Gardens, Springfield

The Duncan's Rose Garden, Watervale

The Ross Rose Gardens and Nurseey, Willunga

Araluen Botanic Park, Western Australia
Established in 1929 this informal rose park contains many Chinas, Teas, and Alister Clark roses and some rare roses such as Climbing Comtesse de Labarthe, Lorraine Lee, and Climbing Lorraine Lee.

Western Australia
The Rose Maze at The Kodja Place Visitor and Interpretive Centre

The Place Memorial Gardens, Nedlands

Pinjarra Heritage Rose Garden, Pinjarra
This extensive rose garden is the only heritage rose garden in the southwest region of Western Australia.


Hex Castle, Heers
The rose garden at Castle Hex received the World Federation of Roses Garden Award in 1997. The French-style gardens surrounding the Castle contain species roses collected from around the globe; old European roses from collections in France, Germany and elsewhere; Adèle Courtoisé, De Schelfhout, Merveille des Rouges, Rösel Dasch.

Rosarium du Roeulx, Roeulx

Genk Rozentuin, Genk

Rosarium de Rijksstation, Melle

Internationale Rozentuin, Kasteel 't Hoge, Doorniksesteenweg, Kortrijk

Testgarden where each year 150 to 200 new rose varieties from European rose breeders are being planted and judged.


Bermuda Rose Society Repository Garden
The gardens of the Bermuda National Trust by an 18th-century house host approximately 85 roses of the repository and other plants. The repository garden was first established in 1988, at the suggestion of Dr. Charles Walker, founder of the Heritage Rose Foundation, and was re-designed with four raised beds in 2000 as the Society's Millennium project.


Rose Garden of the Montreal Botanical Garden, Quebec


The Valby Park Rose Garden, Copenhagen
Hammelstrupvej 41,
2450 København SV
Phone: +45 33 66 35 00

The Rose Garden is situated on the edge of Valby park, the largest green space in Copenhagen located in the suburb of Valby. It hosts an impressive collection of roses in all their forms, trees, hybrids and wild roses. The park is a popular spot for dog-walking and there is also a children's playground, making it an ideal place for families to visit. The garden hosts an annual rose show in August.


La Roseraie du Parc de Bagatelle (in the Bois de Boulogne, Paris)

Odile Masquelier's Rose Garden, La Bonne Maison in La Mulatière

With about 830 varieties of roses, this collection has been turned into an Association for the protection and preservation of heritage and species roses in 1988. Her garden is featured in Mirabel Osler 'Secret Gardens of France', and Peter Beales book 'Visions of Roses'.

Roseraie de l'Hay les Roses (Roseraie du Val de Marne)
Rue Albert WATEL
Val de Marn
Tel. :
Fax :

The Roseraie lays claims to be the first complete garden in the world in which the rose is the only flowering plant. The design was by Edouard Andre. Many of the roses are grown on trelliswork. June and July are the best months for visiting.

Roseraie de la Cour de Commer, Normandy

Roseraie de Poitiers Parc Floral, Poitiers

Roseraie du Parc Floréal de la Source, Orléans


Sangerhausen Rosarium, Sangerhausen
Considered the largest collection of roses in the world and a truly international representation of the rose, the Rosarium at Sangerhausen was conceived in 1903 shortly after the formation of the German Rose Society. It hosts several hundred varieties of roses and some 7,000 cultivars. Many hundreds of rare old roses from this garden have been generously distributed to public collections worldwide, ensuring their survival.

Deutsches Rosarium, Westfalenpark, Dortmund
An der Buschmühle 3
44139 Dortmund
+49 231 50-2 61 16

Dortmund has a significant historical tradition of horticulture, gardening and park design, and their rose garden, which opened in 1972, is no exception. Rose are presented in a well designed combination with perennials and ornamental trees and shrubs. The rose collection itself counts about 3.000 different species and varieties, which makes it the 3rd largest Rosarium in the world. Roses are presented with their history, classification, breeding and above all the presentation and use in the art of garden design.

Rosengarten, Karlsruhe

Rosengarten, Zweibrucken


Amstelpark Rosarium

Westbroekpark Rosarium, The Hague

Municipal Rose Gardens (Roseto Municipale), Rome
The Roseto hosts over 1,100 rose species coming from all over the world, including China and Mongolia. Among the most unusual roses are the rose Chinensis Virdiflora, with green flower petals, la Rosa Chinensis Mutabilis, which changes color over time and the Rosa Foetida, a bad-smelling rose.

Roseto Botanico di Cavriglia "Carla Fineschi", Cavriglia, Tuscany
Fondazione Roseto Botanico "Carla Fineschi"
localita Casalone
52022 Cavriglia - AR
Tel. & Fax: 055-966638
open daily from 08:00 to 20:00

Located equidistant from Florence, Siena and Arezzo, the Roseto Botanica di Cavriglia is one of the largest private rose gardens in the world. It is a living museum of the genus Rosa where roses have been planted separately in subdivisions of Section, Species, Sub-species, and hybrids (of very complex lineage) rigorously obeying the traditional botanical structure.  After more than 30 years of work by Professor Gianfranco Fineschi, the Roseto now contains approximately 7000 unique cultivars, some of which were already thought to be extinct. Each plant is marked with a tag containing basic identifying information (its botanical name, year of introduction in Europe, and hybridizer, if applicable).

To reach the garden take exit at San Giovani Valdarno; follow signs to Cavriglia. All visits to the Roseto should be scheduled during the months of May and June The peak of bloom is usually from approximately 20 May to 10 June.

Municipal Rose Gardens, La Mortola (a Mediterranean garden on the border with France), Genoa


Sakura Kusabue-no-Oka Rose Garden, Osaka

New Zealand

Dunedin Botanic Gardens, Dunedin
This rose garden is divided into three main collections: species roses, old garden roses, and modern roses. In the old garden rose collection the roses are grouped in their classes of Gallica, Alba, Damask, Centifolia, China, Tea, Bourbon, Hybrid Perpetual, Portland, and Moss. Other classic roses, such as Noisette, Hybrid Musk, and English are also grown in this area.


Rosarium of the Arborétum Borová hora, Zvolen


Mottisfont Abbey, near Romsey in Southern England
Established in 1957 under the auspices of the National Trust

Sissinghurst Castle in Kent
also managed by the National Trust

Castle Howard-Yorkshire, England
Castle Howard is a 10,000-acre estate, where Roses are planted on three acres in three adjoining 18th century walled gardens. One of the three rose gardens, Lady Cecilia's, was planted in 1975 with old roses as a memorial to Lady Cecilia Howard, and contains Damask, Gallica, and Alba roses. The Sundial Garden and the Venus Garden contain 2,000 modern roses, including many David Austin roses.

David Austin Roses & Display Gardens - Wolverhampton, England
For fans of English Roses

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