Lilly's Rose Selection

A selection of the most beautiful roses for your garden
(Old Roses, Collector's Roses and some other Rose Classics)
The purpose of this page is to present a unique mix of some of the most beautiful, historic or rare roses. Our selection of roses was inspired by Lilly Carocci Buzi's diaries about her rose garden and her notes pointing out her favorites among the famous types of roses, whether Old Roses, Botanic Roses or other Rose classics.

Besides the rose classics among Old Garden Roses, Lilly particularly Rugosa Roses and other Species Roses. Her selection also includes some of the best climbers, ramblers and English Roses. The general idea was to add at least one of the best roses for each famous rose type. See also: Famous Rose Types.

The result is a wonderful selection of roses, where semi-double blooms rub shoulders with double and quartered rose blooms in such a way that enhances the unique characteristics of each individual rose.


Note that some of the roses in Lilly's rose selection have a particular meaning, because their 'date of birth' coincides with a specific event that was important to her. We suggest that in your own rose garden you also add some roses that are associated with a very special birthday, for example, your children's birth years, year of graduation, wedding year or any other anniversary that is important to you.
Joseph's Coat
Amstrong, California (1964)
The Prince
David Austin, UK (1990)
English Rose
Quinto Mansuino,  Italy (1950)
Hybrid Banksia
Cardinal de Richelieu
Laffay, France (1840)
Mme Hardy
Hardy, France(1832)
Cécile Brünner climbing
 Hosp, USA (1904)
China Rose
Chrysler Imperial
 Lammerts, Germany (1952)
Hybrid Tea
Baron Girod de l'ain
Reverchon, France (1897)
Hybrid Perpetual
Mutensis Mutabilis
China (1932)
China Rose
Blanc Double de Coubert
Cochet-Cochet, France (1892)
Rugosa Rose
Rev. Pemberton (1925)
Hybrid Musk
Francis Meilland (1957)
Lavander Lassie
Kordes (1959)
Hybrid Musk

Maiden's Blush
Europe (15th century)
Alba Rose
Vibert, France (1830)
L.D. Braithwaite
David Austin, UK (1988)
English Rose
Sarah Van Fleet
Van Fleet, USA (1926)
Rugosa Rose
Souvenir de la Bataille de Marengo
(also called Russelliana or Old Spanish Rose) Spain ? (1840)
Multiflora Rambler
Kordes, Germany (1846)
Scotch Rose
Parks Yellow Tea-scented China
Kordes, Germany (1954)
Kordes, Germany (1936)
Hybrid Macrantha
Königin von Denmark
Lavander Lassie, Kordes 1959
Alberic Barbier
Barbier, France (1900)
Wichuraiana Rose
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